Yum! Winter cravings and weight management

I had to put a thicker coat on this morning. Autumn is making itself known. Halloween and Christmas nibbles have slowed my pace around the supermarket aisles.

The cold I feel in my fingers and toes seems to have awakened old cravings in the rest of my body – and primitive mind. “I must prepare for the winter ahead. It might be too cold and dangerous to go out hunting and gathering. I must store some fat!”

Weight issues


Many of us know all too well where that primitive monkey brain can lead us. Cycles of bingeing and guilt that can lead to our weight yo-yoing.

It’s not only the cold weather that could’ve had me finishing off another slab of chocolate. When we are not coping well with difficult situations in our lives we can fill up our internal stress buckets. When these stress levels start getting high we can find ourselves indulging in bad habits, such as comfort eating, to try to cope.



Solution focused hypnotherapy can be an amazingly successful aid to gaining control over our eating habits.

I use hypnosis as part of therapy sessions to help drop the levels in the stress bucket through a natural process of Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which occurs when we are in a trance state and is a natural part of the sleep cycle.

When REM happens, we effectively start to see that our stress bucket levels drop, which provides a much calmer outlook. This then allows us to take control over some of those pesky cravings, which would otherwise have us reaching for those lovely, lovely cakes.

Every session focuses on positive steps taken since our last meeting and also work together on what can be done to further help reduce stress by focusing on positive goals – either short term or long term.

The hypnosis part of the session lasts for around 20 minutes and helps the brain to focus on those positive changes for the future, so allowing us to move forwards and notice a real difference.

If you would like some help to gain control in any area of your life, please contact me today and book your initial consultation.