Solution Focused Therapy to bring about lasting change

I’m Alex, and I’m an experienced Hypnotherapist with clinics in Bristol, Taunton and also online.

Would you like to cope differently? Find support to overcome difficulties? Stop being negative about life, the world, yourself?

Together we can help you to gain more insight into your thought patterns by learning a little about the brain and some up-to-date neuroscience around understanding our struggles.

Sessions include Solution Focused Psychotherapy and talking about what life will look and feel like as you gain control and make better choices. We will also use Hypnosis to aid the change you are looking for. It’s a powerful tool for alleviating stress and anxiety, gaining insight, becoming relaxed and really cements in the changes we’ve discussed in the session.

Soon you too could become more mindful, grow in confidence, be more present, handle stress effectively, rediscover buried parts of yourself and align with your true potential and purpose.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

 StressAnxietyInsomnia – Low moods – Anger – OCD – Fears & Phobias – IBS – SmokingWeight management – PTSD – Persistent pain – Dependency

Working together we can focus on how you want your life to be. Treatment does not involve analysing the past or examining problems. Instead, it will help you to reveal what you have known all along, that you can achieve a more enjoyable and fulfilled future.

I work with people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. I really enjoy working with children and families too.

“Alex really helped me to have a more positive outlook, to be more mindful and have a greater awareness – I would/will definitely recommend him to friends and others!” – FM, Bristol. Via Facebook *

Group Facilitation – Creativity Coaching

I have experience in talking to groups about the brain, handling stress and developing resilience.  As part of my work I often coach people to develop themselves and boost creativity.

If you are ready to grow into the real you, call to book your Initial Consultation now.


Hypnotherapy is effective, however results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Full client commitment is important. Please read Terms & Conditions for more details.