Flying and phobias


With summer just round the corner, many people will be dreaming of jetting off for an annual break somewhere hot and sunny. For some people, the idea of flying to a far- flung country can make them feel a tad uncomfortable.

So, if you have a phobia about taking to the skies, perhaps Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you feel calmer, more confident, and relaxed about that next all-important flight.

Overcoming fear

Using tried and tested techniques, hypnotherapy can help you to overcome that phobia or fear that has been holding you back for so long.

I work with clients who may dislike aspects of flying that can result in them feeling a bit nervous before they get onto a plane or whilst they are on board.

Over a period of normally three to four hypnotherapy sessions, we can help someone feel more confident about flying – with the sole aim of aiding them to board a plane feeling in a more calm and relaxed place.

I have worked with many people in order to help overcome specific phobic responses – these can range from flying through to a fear of spiders or heights.

To be able to help someone gain confidence in an area of their life is a fantastic feeling and it is great that clients can themselves go on to gain confidence as an air passenger or in other areas of their life.

Below is a video featuring a former client Jane. She was feeling so fearful about her upcoming cataract operation that the consultant was recommending she had a general anesthetic. This was not something she wanted to happen.

We worked together to focus on how she would like the experience to be and to overcome her fears.


photo credit: Aleem Yousaf High Flyers – Boeing 747 and The Moon via photopin (license)